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Body Episode 2


SCENE - A SHOP - 17:00 PM 

Cynthia helps Keza to have self-love 



1. CYNTHIA: Keza, are you okay? You look sad, almost depressed.  

2. KEZA: (SIGHS) Something’s wrong with me Cynthia, but promise you won’t tell anybody. 

3. CYNTHIA: I’m your friend; you can trust me, I promise. 

4. KEZA:(UTTERS A SOUND OF SADNESS) Well, my body is changing like crazy... look at these boobs! They make me so shy that I don’t want to go anywhere.  

5. CYNTHIA: So, that’s it? It’s so normal! Look, can’t you see I also have them? You shouldn’t feel ashamed because of them. 

6. KEZA: Well, you’re used to it. The other day, my mom bought me a bra, and I didn’t know how to react!

7. CYNTHIA: Well, your mom probably noticed that you’re becoming a woman now; you should be proud!

8. KEZA:(UTTERS A SOUND OF SADNESS) But why are there older girls at my school who haven’t got them yet?  

9. CYNTHIA: Well, not all girls go through puberty at the same time. Like, some girls have their first periods much later.

10. KEZA: Really?

11. CYNTHIA: Yeah; mine came quite late, and I was lucky my mom saw me through it. 

12. KEZA: For me, it’s my aunt. She even showed me how to wear a pad.  

13. CYNTHIA: Yeah, you should always have some pads with you.

14. KEZA:(TUTS) Boys are so lucky they don’t deal with all this drama!

15. CYNTHIA: What? Nooo, even boys go through body changes as well! 

16. KEZA:(SURPRISED) Boys? Do they also have periods? 

17. CYNTHIA:(LAUGHS) No! They might grow a beard, their voice changes, and they get wet dreams. 

18. KEZA: Yeah, I think I heard something about boys having those. 

19. CYNTHIA: I like going to the health center to get the right information. Did you know that a boy who has started to have wet dreams is able to make a girl pregnant?

20. KEZA: You’re kidding, right?

21. CYNTHIA: Nope. And for girls, they can get pregnant starting from when they get their periods if they have unprotected sex.  

22. KEZA: Oh, okay. I didn’t know that... 

23. CYNTHIA: It’s so normal! Don’t feel embarrassed when it happens to you.

24. KEZA: I really feel like boys are looking at me! One of them touched my boob the other day, and he wanted to kiss me! 

25. CYNTHIA:(SHOCKED) What? Keza, he crossed a line, there! 

26. KEZA: Yeah, I forced him to let go of me. (UTTERS A SOUND OF SADNESS) But it made me so uncomfortable!

27. CYNTHIA: Sorry, Keza. But you did the right thing telling him “no”

28. KEZA: But what if he had refused? What then?

29. CYNTHIA: If he refuses, then call for help and make sure you report him; that’s harassment!

30. KEZA: But who can I report him to, especially since it’s my fault?

31. CYNTHIA: No, Keza, you can report him. You can report him to RIB or to local authorities. 

32. KEZA: I guess.

33. CYNTHIA: And it’s never your fault, no matter what anyone says.

34. KEZA: Okay, thanks.

35. CYNTHIA: No worries; don’t be shy to seek advice from an adult that you trust. Don’t keep such things to yourself.

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