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A Chatbot for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) in Rwanda

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Many thanks to our implementing partner, Rwanda Women's Network, the teams at Rival Technologies and Proteknôn, and our funder, Grand Challenges Canada. 

Explore what we have learned and access the resources we have produced! 

Our pilot project is over, but we invite you to use the mini audio dramas, discussion notes, and quizzes in your own programming to support adolescents and parents!

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Concept Note

The "Menya Wirinde!" Pilot Project

"Menya wirinde" mean "Learn so that you can protect yourself". This innovation project developed and piloted 'IrindeBot', a conversational chatbot, and the "Menya Wirinde!" Facebook page! 

The goal of this project: 

  • Empower young Rwandans (age 13-24) to make informed decision about the SRHR and relationships

  • Equip parents and caregivers with the skills and knowledge they need to discuss SRHR and relationships with their children

  • Pilot 6 Mobile Access Points 

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Audio Drama Series and Scripts

This series models positive parenting and intergenerational relationships so parents and adolescents feel more comfortable talking with each other and peers about relationships and sexual and reproductive health and rights. 


Intergenerational Dialogue | This series models positive parenting and intergenerational relationships so parents and adolescents feel more comfortable talking with each other and peers about relationships and SRHR.

Episode 1 | Kayitesi chats with her husband about how to communicate with their son with care rather than anger.

Episode 2 | Cynthia talks with her mom about being a teenager. They both realise they can speak openly with each other about ASRHR issues.

Episode 3 | Cynthia's parents express concern about her choice of friends, listen to her, and give her advice on how to choose good friends. 


Puberty and Sexual Health | This series teaches young people about body changes, how to respect their own bodies and others', and how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 

Episode 1 | Keza realizes that her classmate is just interested in touching her up, so she communicates her boundaries.

Episode 2 | Keza is overwhelmed by her body changes. Her friend, explains it's normal!

Episode 3 | Ganza finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and plans to ditch her. His friend tells him he needs to own his responsibilities. 

This series teaches young people and caregivers what healthy relationships looks like. They also model how adolescents can make good relationships choices and protect themselves from abuse.

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Love and Relationships |

This series teaches young people and caregivers what healthy relationships look like and model how adolescents can make good relationship choices and protect themselves from abuse. 

Episode 1 | Kayitesi talks with her daughter, Keza, about her ASRHR question and promises to have frequent talks with her. 

Episode 2 | David gives his friend the low-down on porn. He explains that porn is not 'real' life and shows him that he's doing it wrong. 

Episode 3 | Ritha talks with her young friend about the risks of having a sugar daddy.

Audio Dramas/Scripts

What Did We Learn from the Pilot?

We learned that chatbot users: 

  • Learned how to have more positive intergenerational relationships 

  • Learned about high-risk behaviours and how to avoid them

  • Expected the chatbot to respond to their comments and questions in real-time 

  • Struggled to know when to click a button or type (click to see the instructional video we developed)

See what else we learned!

What We Learned

For more information..

Take a look at this Powerpoint Presentation, which includes lessons learned and ideas for how to use these resources. 

You can also contact Proteknôn Foundation or Rwanda Women's Network for information on partnering. 

These resources are open access. They may be used and replicated without permission for non-commercial purpose. When replicating, please credit Proteknôn Foundation for Innovation and Learning 2020. If you would like permission for commercial use, contact

If you are interested in using the data from this chatbot pilot for a research study, please contact for information and access.
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