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Body Episode 3



Cynthia tells GANZA about his role in preventing unplanned pregnancy. 



1. CYNTHIA: Ganza, why are you here? You didn’t have classes today? 

2. GANZA: Cynthia, there is no day that we don’t have classes, that’s how TVET is. It’s just that we ended classes early today. 

3. CYNTHIA: Eeh, so how have you been?

4. GANZA:(UTTERS A SOUND OF SADNESS) Well, not good, Cynthia. There's this girl who’s just acting up on me these days.  


6. GANZA: You remember my ex, Bijoux? 

7. CYNTHIA: Wait, she’s your ex? I thought you guys were together. 

8. GANZA: Hell no! I broke up with her when she came to me sobbing that she is pregnant, saying I am the father... bla bla bla…

9. CYNTHIA: Oh! But why are you shrugging it off as if it’s not your responsibility?  

10. GANZA: It’s none of my business! I’m not the one that’s pregnant here. 

11. CYNTHIA: Oh yeah? So, did she get herself pregnant? That takes two!

12. GANZA: No, but getting pregnant was not part of the plan.  

13. CYNTHIA: Oooh? So, you had a plan?

14. GANZA: Yes...I mean, no, it was just for fun!

15. CYNTHIA: That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have protected yourselves! If you had used a condom or she was on the pill, she wouldn’t be pregnant now.


16. CYNTHIA: It’s not just about that. Did you know that you can get some STIs from unprotected sex? 

17. GANZA: I got myself checked later. I don’t have any infections. The rest is her business. 

18. CYNTHIA: No Ganza, don’t say that. It’s your responsibility as well; the baby she is bearing is yours, too. 

19. GANZA: Cynthia, as I told you, it wasn’t my intention to get her pregnant. 

20. CYNTHIA: Yes, but you did, and the solution is not to throw her under the bus, okay?

21. GANZA: But Cynthia, I’ve got to finish TVET, and this baby would just distract me.

22. CYNTHIA: Don’t be selfish! Doesn’t Bijoux want to stay in school as well? Didn’t you tell me she wants to become a doctor?

23. GANZA:(TUTS) So what do I do? You know me, I don’t have any money, I'm broke!

24. CYNTHIA: But she also needs you to be there for her, to support her as much as you can so she doesn’t feel alone!

25. GANZA:(SIGHS) I guess I’ll talk to her.

26. CYNTHIA: Yes, please. Also, Ganza, next time, get to know ways you can prevent unwanted pregnancy! It’s not just about condoms.  

27. GANZA: Oh really?

28. CYNTHIA: Yep. You and Bijoux can get more info from the youth or health centre.

29. GANZA:(LAUGHS) You sure do know a lot of stuff.

30. CYNTHIA:(LAUGHS) I guess, but seriously, make informed decisions to protect yourself!

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