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Relationship Episode 3



Ritha advises CYNTHIA to watch out for people who might want to take advantage of her using gifts. 


1. RITHA: Cynthia come closer; help me carry these boxes. 

2. CYNTHIA: Oh, what’s in there…it’s so heavy!  

3. RITHA: It’s the pots that I sell. Look for a place to put your phone so you don’t break it.      

4. CYNTHIA: No, it’s okay, I will hold it. 

5. RITHA: You won’t be comfortable lifting boxes like that. Look, put it on that chair. 

6. CYNTHIA: No, Ritha, I don’t want your employees to take it and start looking into my stuff. Last time, they read my messages. 

7. RITHA: So, is what I heard them say true? Is there a sugar daddy that you are going out with? 

8. CYNTHIA:(TRYING TO DITCH THE SUBJECT) Yeaaah, nooo. They lied to you. 

9. RITHA: Cynthia, tell me the truth. You know you are like a daughter to me.  

10. CYNTHIA: Well, the truth is we are not in love. It’s just that he buys me a few things that I need. 

11. RITHA: Like what? 

12. CYNTHIA: Like body lotion, clothes, shoes, some things that are trendy, you know. 

13. RITHA: And? What happens after?

14. CYNTHIA: Huh, what? Nothing happens.

15. RITHA: Uh? Doesn’t he ask you for anything? 

16. CYNTHIA: Well, you know, we just hang out and talk.

17. RITHA: Aw, no! Cynthia, that’s wrong. You hear me? 

18. CYNTHIA: I knew you were going to say that... I am not surprised. I need some trendy stuff and he gives me exactly that.

19. RITHA: Having trendy stuff won't improve your life now, will it?

20. CYNTHIA: You don’t know that.

21. RITHA: I do, actually. What do you think is gonna happen when he gets what he wants from you?? Plus, you have a boyfriend!


22. RITHA: He’ll just throw you away like a broken plate. Or, his wife will!

23. CYNTHIA: How come you seem to know a lot about it, anyway?

24. RITHA I’ve seen it happen before. If he’s a creep, he may even force himself on you, he can rape you. 

25. CYNTHIA: (UTTERS A SOUND OF SADNESS) I never thought of that...What should I do? I don’t have any other way to get stuff. 

26. RITHA: What does he have that you can’t get yourself if you wanted? You are capable. 

27. CYNTHIA: I don’t know…

28. RITHA: Yes, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, if you work for it.

29. CYNTHIA:(SIGHS) Thanks, Ritha. It's hard to hear this, but you're being a good friend.

30. RITHA: It’s okay. And if you choose to keep seeing this man, just protect yourself, okay?

31. CYNTHIA: What do you mean?

32. RITHA: Use a condom, and make sure you're in a safe space with your phone near you so you can call for help if he gets aggressive. 

33. CYNTHIA: You've given me a lot to think about. Thanks.

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