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Talk Episode 1



Kayitesi chats with Karangwa about David’s behaviour. 



1. KAYITESI: No, Papa David, I am very worried! This kid is getting out of control! David is still a kid!   

2. KARANGWA: What is it about again? He has been coming home very late? 

3. KAYITESI: Huh...I wish it was just that! I think the girl who he walked home was friends with that one who was put in prison for selling weed. 

4. KARANGWA:(UNHAPPY) Is that so? This kid never listens, does he? I need to teach him a lesson.  

5. KAYITESI: No, calm down, papa David; anger won’t solve this. 

6. KARANGWA: No! I want to hear from him if he is so old that he can disrespect us!

7. KAYITESI: Papa David, calm down first. You’ve seen it happen before; when we are angry, he doesn’t tell us the truth.  

8. KARANGWA: So, shall I just keep quiet when my son is out there hanging out with criminals?  

9. KAYITESI: No, I am not telling you to keep quiet.

10. KARANGWA: So what are you saying?

11. KAYITESI: We need to find a way to talk to him in a way that will make him feel safe to talk openly.

12. KARANGWA: But look around, Mama David; he clearly doesn’t even listen to us when we talk him. 

13. KAYITESI:(UTTERS A SOUND OF SADNESS) I know, but I talked to a parent who told me that if we could make David our friend, he would listen to us, and he would not keep secrets from us. 

14. KARANGWA: Okaaay! But how do we go about it? 

15. KAYITESI: Let’s try. (CALLING) David, David!


17.  KAYITESI: Come over here, I have a question! 

18.  DAVID: Ehh, mom did I do something wrong? 

19.  KAYITESI: No, you did nothing wrong, I just want us to talk about the people I see you hanging out with, especially the girl who paid you a visit days ago. 

20. DAVID:(VERY SHY) M…mom, her name is Kalisa, and she is just a friend!

21. KAYITESI: Really? Since when? 

22. DAVID: Eh, it’s been a while. Why? Is there a problem?

23. KAYITESI: Not exactly, but David, it’s important for us to know your friends, and how they behave.

24. DAVID: Eeh, why is that?

25. KAYITESI: We are just worried about who they might be. You need to be careful when you choose friends.

26. DAVID: Yes mom, I will be careful, but we do nothing bad. She’s actually a good person.

27. KAYITESI: Good! Papa David, do you have anything else to add?

28. KARANGWA: Son, I get you now, but we were also worried about that boy you were hanging out with because he was recently in jail for selling drugs. 

29. DAVID: Wow, I didn't realise you are so concerned about me! I didn’t know about that. I will stay away from him. 

30. Karangwa: Thanks, son. You are right to stay away. Bad friends can be a bad influence. Also, in the future, feel free to bring your friends here so we can meet them. 

31. KAYITESI: Wow! It's really great to talk openly. Let’s do it more often.

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