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Talk Episode 3



Cynthia is advised on how to choose friends and a boyfriend.  




1. Cynthia: Evening mom, dad.

2. MURENZI: Hello Cynthia. You’re late! Here have you been?

3. CYNTHIA: I was with some friends. God, I’m sooo tired.

4. KAMARIZA: But Cynthia, this is really late. And it’s not the first time. Your father and I have been worried sick. 

5. Cynthia: Oh really?

6. Kamariza: Yes, where were you really?

7. Cynthia: I was with Kevin, mom.

8. MURENZI: And who is that, again? 

9. Cynthia: It’s the boy you saw here when you came from church last week.

10. Kamariza: You told us he is your boyfriend, right? 

11. Cynthia: Yes.

12. MURENZI: Which reminds me, why is he your boyfriend? Don’t you know what kind of person he is? 

13. Cynthia: What do you mean?

14. MURENZI: Remind me, Kamariza, isn’t Kevin the guy who never listens to his parents, the stubborn one?  

15. Kamariza: That’s what I heard. Cynthia, we love you; please be careful with that guy. 

16. Cynthia: But mom! Now I'm not allowed to have friends?

17. Kamariza: No, that’s not what I meant! We want you to have friends who have a good relationship with their family. 

18. Cynthia: Mom, Kevin is a good person. It’s just that his parents are hard on him. 

19. MURENZI: Uh, Cynthia, the person we heard this from knows this boy very well. 

20. Cynthia: They are just focusing on the bad side. You can even ask Sipiriyani; Kevin works at his place. 

21. Kamariza: Oh, Sipiriyani? Really? What does he do there?

22. Cynthia: He helps him at his shop.  

23. MURENZI: Oh! Well, if he wasn’t a decent boy, Sipiriyani would not work with him.

24. CYNTHIA: Yes, he’s really nice.

25. MURENZI: Alright, just be careful who you choose to be your friend or boyfriend. Some can be bad for you!

26. Cynthia: Friends are FRIENDS, dad! How can you have a "bad" friend?! 

27. Kamariza: Well...what your dad means is, there are people you might call friends, but then you realize they are pressuring you into doing things that are not good for you. 

28. MURENZI: Yeah, do you remember Giramata’s daughter? She's a brilliant girl, but she's home because she had a baby she didn’t plan for. A bad friend pressured her into having sex.  

29. Cynthia: (SAD) I remember her. (UTTERS A SOUND OF SADNESS) And she was still in high school. 

30. MURENZI: Didn't her parents warned her about that guy?

31. Cynthia:(SAD) Yes, and so did I. He was a bit slimy. 

32. MURENZI: You too, Cynthia, beware; be careful, and pay attention to who you choose to hang out with. 

33. Kamariza: True friends will not pressure you to do something you don’t want to do - or something that’s not good for you.

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